Welcome to [EC]

Epsilon Community.

How is Epsilon Community structured?


Requirements / Abilities (if any)


To join the Discord Server.

Community Member

Able to sit at the Community Table

Council Member

Able to sit at the Council Table

Executive Member

Able to sit at the Executive Table

What makes up a Division?

A division is made into two categories.

All Divisions need to have a Division Leader and cannot go more than 4 weeks without one.

  1. Supported (Division), this means that a game (or topic) has:

    1. at least; 10 active members within Discord Channels.

  2. Provided (Division), this means that a division has:

    1. at least; one game server.

    2. been officially backed by the Community.

Join our Discord Server: https://discord.epsilon.community‚Äč