We are looking for any players that wish to enjoy the following content:

  • Utilising quality scripting along with excellent Zeus co-ordination, allowing for the correct pace for both the player and Zeus.

  • Striving to achieve excellent team play and allow for the best combat experience, with realistic tactics and communication.

  • Our missions begin curation with each community suggestion in mind.

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Arma 3 - FAQ

Where can I find your Arma 3 Servers?

You can find our arma 3 server information here

What mods do you use?

Firsty, I need to tell you how. We use mods via the Steam Workshop.

You can find our mod lists: Click Here to see our mod lists

This allows us to create Preset Files. These files are .HTML files. That store the list of mods. This can be exported and import, from the Arma 3 Launcher.

What time do Operations take place?

We have all our operations at 7:00PM BST

What days do Operations take place?

Our days that we have operations are:

  • Saturday - 7PM BST

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