How to become a Division Lead

Division Leads are people who run a Gaming or Topic Division

Becoming a Division Lead... a big step up within the community. We are always looking for people who are dedicated and committed to a Game or Topic. We don't look for the best person, but someone with drive and passion for the Division they want to head up.

For already established Divisions, you will be to speak to other members within that Division to see the landscape that is it based on.

As each Game and Topic is different so is each Division. So please bear in mind that what works for one, might not work for another.

How do Division Leads come about?

When starting a new Division, Leaders are chosen by the people within the Division.

This may sound silly, but the Division should work on Representative democracy.

Each Division Lead, is promoted to The Council. If they prove themselves reliable.

For a Representative democracy to work. The Members, of a Division, must bring up issues, to their Division Lead. That Division Lead, will either sort it out, or consult The Council for assistance.

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