Task Force Radio (BETA) Setup

This page, should, teach you how to setup TFAR Beta.

Setting up TFAR requires TeamSpeak 3.

How to Install TeamSpeak 3.

How to find your Arma 3 directory:

Open up Steam > Right Click on your Arma 3 > Properties > Select the Local Files tab > Select Browse Local Files..., this will bring you to your Arma 3 Directory.

Now, that you are at your Arma 3 Installation Area.

You can proceed to: !Workshop folder.

How to make your !Workshop folder viewable:

Go to, the top left of your file explorer.

Find: View tab.

Select the: Hidden Items, checkbox.

This will allow you to see the !Workshop folder, and any other hidden folders.

Once inside your !Workshop folder.

Find: @Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!) Folder,

Find: teamspeak folder,

Select & Install: task_force_radio.ts3_plugin file.

Once this is complete, you should have TFAR Beta all setup and installed within TeamSpeak 3.